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How to Recognize Great UX Designer?

Not so long ago (though in pre-UXPin times), I was working as UX Manager. That’s a great position to be. Taking care of interfaces intertwined with taking care of the team of talented designers.

I was constantly thinking about skills great UX designers possess and ways of enhancing these skills among my people.

Let me share with you what skill-set I had (and still have) in mind.

How to recognize great UX Designer

This is what Great UX Designer means for me. Oh right…and of course great UX Designers use UXPin the UX Design App :).

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by Marcin Treder


Marcin Treder, UXPin CEO, is a design enthusiast that literally lives for creating the best user experience possible. After years working as a UX Designer and UX Manager he focused on his own start-up UXPin that provides tools for UX Designers all over the world. UXPin tools are used by designers in companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Salesforce. UXPin was recently voted the best start-up in Central and Eastern Europe. Marcin enjoys writing (e.g. for Smashing Magazine, .Net Magazine, UXMag, DesignModo, SpeckyBoy...), blogging (Marcin.is) and tweeting (@uxpin, @marcintreder).

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