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The User Experience Three. Handpicked 07/30/2013


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1. The Evolution of User Experience

From making digital products easier and more pleasurable to use to coaching senior leaders and product teams on cultivating compassion for customers and colleagues. I love the term “outsourcing empathy”;)

2. An Introduction to Designing for Imperfection

“Lean methods build on these with principles of doing the most important work first, and allowing products to evolve organically. Practically, these approaches end up disregarding design and, seeking speed over quality, don’t really move us forward from a UX point of view”.

On resillience engineering and a philosophy of embracing errors and complexity as inmovable objects of systems and life itself. Opposed to ever-fragmenting lean process, this approach can help create better, more robust systems and solutions.

3. Trending on Twitter

What user experience design has in common with with cutely dressed-up pets? Looking good is not always feeling good:

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