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The User Experience Three. Handpicked 09/06/2013

1. The Merry Stormtrooper

“The secret, as Mihaly discovered by studying all types of people in the flow state, lies in setting achievable goals that are just a wee bit out of reach. The kind of goals that will require you to stretch yourself and grow in order to achieve them (…)”.

You won’t regret starting Friday with this article: one simpler-than-the-idea-of-stairs life-hack for happiness, even if your work is to get people to love Internet Explorer again.

2. The UX Professionals’ Guide to Working with Agile Scrum Teams

Recommendations for individual user experience contributors, UX managers, Scrum Masters and product owners for working in the Agile framework.

3. Trending on Twitter

Really cool and really free:

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