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Change Log UXPin 2.0.2

That was a busy season for UXPin team! New billing system (finally you can pay with your credit cards!), new UXPin.com and important upgrade of the app have totally filled in our schedule. In the meantime I’ve visited USA again to get feedback on our strategy and prepare company for further growth. Exciting perspectives ahead of us!

UXPin 2.0.2

  • Updated Features
  • In-place text editing by Jacek Złowocki (@jzlowocki)
  • New “upgrade account” box by Maciej Wojdyr (@mwojdyr) and Kamil Zieba (@ziebak)
  • Bug Fixes
  • Plenty of small, but annoying bugs has been fixed.

Marcin Treder, UXPin CEO

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Change Log UXPin 2.0.1

PDF and JPG Export in UXPin UX Design App

When it comes to having an actual conversation with customers – we’re all ears. Today’s update is fully inspired by thoughts and voices of our users expressed in UXPin Feedback & Community Center. Thank you all for helping us! Together we’ll create an amazing UX ecosystem!

UXPin 2.0.1

  • New Features
  • Export to PDF by Maciej Wojdyr (@mwojdyr) and Kamil Zieba (@ziebak)
  • Export to JPG by Maciej Wojdyr (@mwojdyr) and Kamil Zieba (@ziebak)
  • Updated Features
  • Fully editable text size by Jacek Złowocki (@jzlowocki)and Kamil Zieba (@ziebak)
  • Bug Fixes
  • Grouped elements z-index error fix by Jacek Złowocki (@jzlowocki)
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Change Log UXPin 1.4.2

I’m super excited to report you the latest development of UXPin App! Less than a month passed since we’ve published first Change Log and well…just have a look at how much we’ve managed to do. Please forgive me bragging, but I’m just so proud of the team!

We’re lucky to have you for customers, as our development effort pays off with double-digit growth. We ♥ you!

Ladies and Gentlemen…

UXPin 1.4.2

  • New Features
  • Smart Guides by Maciej Wojdyr (@mwojdyr) thanks to Sasha and votes of our users
  • New table by Jacek Złowocki (@jzlowocki), Kamil Zięba (@ziebak) & Marcin Treder (@marcintreder)
  • 41 new iPhone widgets by Kamil Zięba (@ziebak), Marcin Treder (@marcintreder) & Radosław Mejer (@_radmen)
  • Remember login & password and auto-redirect of logged in users from uxpin.com to the App by Radosław Mejer (@_radmen) and Wiktor Mazur (@victormazur) thanks to Sasha and votes of our users
  • Double-click to edit text in elements by Jacek Złowocki(@jzlowocki)
  • Bug Fixes
  • Text edition blocker fix fixed by Maciej Wojdyr (@mwojdyr spotted by Piotr (@jzlowocki)
  • Tabs linking and order of sites in a sitemap fixed by Radosław Mejer (@_radmen)
  • Export to html with a sitemap – fix fixed by Maciej Wojdyr (@mwojdyr)
  • Tabs and Navigation – problem with html export fixed by Jacek Złowocki (@jzlowocki)
  • Comments pins position after folding sidebar in a preview mode fixed by Radosław Mejer (@_radmen)
  • Sitemap in a preview mode – problems with unfolding links fixed by Maciej Wojdyr (@mwojdyr)
  • Problem with multiple spaces in a text fixed by Jacek Złowocki (@jzlowocki)
  • Strangely working width and height inputs fixed by Maciej Wojdyr (@mwojdyr)
  • & tons of smaller bugs

Ps. If you’re wondering who’s who on our picture at top of this blog-post, than (from the left):

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