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Monthly Archives: February 2011

3C – 3 reasons to prototype and the webdesign mastery

UXPin paper prototyping kit. Think. Pin. Create!

Prototyping, though often confused with magic, is just a simple tool to reach satisfying level of:

  • 1. Creativity (prototyping as a „brainstorming tool”)
  • 2. Certainity (prototyping as a „testing tool”)
  • 3. Clarity (prototyping as a project documentation)

It’s also known as 3c – 3 reasons to prototype.

Take a look…

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Components – new JustProto feature!

Here’s another great news for JustProto users. Long-awaited feature is now done and ready to be used.


Easily created components are a great tool for everyone who have problem with applying the same, multiple elements on various pages of prototype. They’re piece of cake to use – just click Add like you do it adding pages, and tick the Component option. Now create your Component with elements and when you’re done – drag&drop it on your pages. It’s that simple.

All changes that you apply on Components are automaticly shown on all your pages, so you don’t need to worry about changing properites of similar elements on every single page. That’s gonna significantly speed up the work, especially while making advanced prototypes.


See for yourself how easy is creating, using and changing Components and then try it on your prototype!


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