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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Case Study – Real Story, Real Users, Real Help!

Today We’d Like To Brag A Little (Humbly, Of Course) About One Of JustProto’s Great Users. We’ll Be Introducing You To SocialPaths And Their Real-Life JustProto Adventure With Interactive Wireframes!

“We are no longer able to work without JustProto…”

SocialPaths (a.k.a. The Great User)
SocialPaths  is a social media agency that, in their own Creative Director Piotr Zaniewicz’s words – mainly takes care of supporting all kinds of social media marketing activities.  Their house speciality is engaging social media games connected to different kinds of loyalty programs that make good use of social media’s viral nature.  Among many cool projects, the team at SocialPaths have created contest apps for the Facebook page of one of the biggest trance music festivals in Europe as well as a very popular app called The Great Advice of Mieciu The Eternal Student. While their apps are mainly created for Facebook, they also build interactive tabs for websites and contests.

KISS (a.k.a. The Biggest Work-Related Headache ; )
Working with clients isn’t always a bed of roses, the SocialPaths crew can vouch for that. Putting up with those occasional clients who always know best is one of the most annoying little problems SocialPaths encounters.  Of course, clients have every right to have their vision of their product realized, BUT painting that vision in the form of an working app is sooooo complex and difficult that it’s not the piece of cake that clients think it is up front.  Our main problem that we face on an everyday basis is meeting client’s high expectations and stick to the golden KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) rule at the same time. Sometimes it is a struggle to convince client not to interfere where we know better – says Piotr Zaniewicz, Creative Director of SocialPaths.

JustProto (a.k.a. The Solution)
After a major brainstorming session, the SocialPaths team came to a conclusion about creating wireframes and interactive prototypes that could solve this problem, so they decided to try out some of the prototyping and wireframing apps out there. One of their friends sent them an interactive prototype made with JustProto and that gave them their first glimpse of our little baby.

Piotr, Creative Director of SocialPaths talks about what they were looking for exactly – We were in great need of tool that lets you create really advanced prototypes step by step so that our team would instantly know what parameters to consider while building (i.e. size, style, layout etc.) and that lets you create prototypes that REALLY visualize all the looks and features to the client.

It’s not easy to find a tool that does both, of course, but the final thing that made JustProto their weapon of choice was its ability to do everything online, so that there is no problem with keeping the project up to date; The newest version is always available to every member of the team at any given time. Another big plus was that JustProto’s really easy to implement – there’s no bigger pain than when the learning curve steals time instead of saving it: We were afraid of the implementation of new tool, but JustProto is so easy to use that after just a little while a fully functioning prototype went to the Graphic Designer - says Piotr.

The Conclusion (a.k.a. How JustProto Helped SocialPaths)
In our team, JustProto is used mainly by Project Managers and Designers who collect feedback and make on-the-spot changes to the projects according to our client’s wishes. In the first phase of the project creation, JustProto is the link between clients and our team. After three months of using JustProto we can honestly say it really does make our job easier! Thanks to making fully interactive, clickable prototypes, we avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary changes after the implementation. Our clients and us both save a lot of time. -Piotr Zaniewicz, SocialPaths



SocialPaths case is a great example of how wireframing saves time, money and refines communication. So why haven’t YOU used interactive wireframes to help YOUR business?

Create an account today and see firsthand how JustProto helps your!

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UXPin: under construction

construction site near Siam Square

Few days ago we’ve stopped selling UXPin kits. You’ve sent us tons of e-mails (thank you for your attention!) with repeated question: “What happened? When will UXPin kits come back?”. The answer is… they don’t come back. UXPin Portable Kit and Mobile Kit are great. We know you love them. But we’re preparing something huge. Something which will help you in your everyday designers work. It will be amazing.

Currently though we’re under construction. We’re fighting for best possible product and service. It won’t take us long.

Thank you, for your patience

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Best UX design professionals deserve best UX design tools.

There’s that excersise popular in branding called “Writing an obituary” (you can read more about it in Marty Neumeier’s “Zag”) shockingly effective way of finding your way up to the top. You (and other founders) imagine that in 25 years your company has come to the end. After quite a successfull time you’re about to close the business and write your last press note. What do you want to say to your clients? How would you like to be remembered? Answering those questions is quite enlightening.

We did that excersise.

Take a look…

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Credit Card And Automatic Payments – New Payment Methods

We are veeeeeery pleased to inform you guys that since today we are accepting credit cards and automatic credit card payments! A lot of you asked about it and that’s why we’re happy to tell you: “Yes, You Can!” This mean that starting now you can now use PayPal, DotPay and PayLane Systems to pay for your JustProto accounts.

What’s In It For Me?

You don’t have to remember to make a payment – The System Does It For You So You Will Have An Uninterrupted Access To Your JustProto Account! Pretty Neat, Right? : )


What Kind Of Credit Cards Do You Accept?

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro


How Can I Use This New Fantastic Option? : )

It’s easy!  Pick the Credit Card option first and than tick the Bill my card automatically check boxsee the picture below.














Can I Resign If I Won’t Like It?

No Problem! You Can Resign Any Time You Want Changing Your Account Settings. : )


Login To Your Account To See This New Method In Action!


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Secure Wireframing – Now For Everyone!

From this day till the Eternity All of JustProto’s users get Full SSL Protection that was first reserved for Plus and Unlimited accounts. Standard, Plus or Unlimited User – no worries, we have the safety issue covered! How? All of you get full SSL protection of your account info and wireframes!

So What Exactly This SSL Protocol Thing Mean?

  • THE Safest SSL Protection Code In The Whole Wide World;
  • Better Protection Of Your Private Data;
  • Reassuring That This Powerful Web App Is Actually Provided By Decent And Honest People : )
  • Confirmation That You Are Getting The Best World-Class Service.


Check Out Here How Easy, Fast And Safe Wireframing with JustProto Can Be!


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