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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Production of new UXPin Notepads

I thought you may like to see how we’re producing new UXPin notepads. Parts of our great hardcover are coming our of the machine:

Big launch will soon!

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Introducing UXPin App – future of UX documentation

To sign up for beta testing visit: uxpinapp.com

We’re very excited to introduce to you new face of UXPin! That’s something we’ve dreamed of last couple of months. From now on we’re on mission to create complex documenting system. Something unique, innovative and…needed in the UX world. As far as we know this is the first tool for creation of UX documentation that is actually created by UX designers. Who would know better what we need?

We’re in private beta testing now, but pretty soon UXPin will be available for all of you. New notepads will be launched, which are the best thing we’ve ever made.

The UXPin App itself is a professional UX documenting tool. Easy to use, well known, drag&drop system to quickly create wireframes with addition of full live collaboration (whole team can edit the same wireframe!), advanced linking and, of course, automatic system to recognize paper prototypes made in UXPin notepads.

First time our paper prototypes were recognized by the App and turned into editable wireframe…we immediately fall in love with the App. It’s amazing thing to see how what’s analogue is turning into digital.

We hope you’ll love it as well. Hope to see you all in our beta. We’d love to hear your feedback!

UXPin App

ps. We’re so excited that we cannot feel proper tiredness ;)

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