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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Multiplayer UX Design & workshops at Polish IA Summit

Two statements are super important for me and UXPin crew:

  1. UX Design is all about creation of great products (not mere wireframes!)
  2. Efficient teamwork is absolutely crucial to creation of great products

These hypotheses lies at the core of our products. These hypothesis made us do crazing things like leaving our UX jobs and becoming startup pirates :).

I’m super grateful that I had a chance to talk about it and run a workshop on Polish IA Summit – the hugest UX and IA oriented conference in Central Europe.

We all had great time! I was so happy watching people fighting with Conceptual Model Diagrams (Read more about them in Dan Brown’s book “Communicating Design”), working on solid description of design problem, UVP and personas (using UXPin notepads). And what’s most important – people with different backgrounds (UX, PM, Art Director, Devs) were all working together and learning from each other. That was just lovely. Thank you guys!

We love sponsoring UX oriented conferences all over the world and pay back to the UX community which intellectually nurture us. After World IA Day, Polish IA Summit and UX Camp Copenhaga, next stop: UX LX Lisbon. Are you coming to Lisbon this year? LHope we’ll meet you there!

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New version of UXPin: efficient communication in UX Design process!

Ladies and gentlemen, new version of UXPin App is finally here.


Thanks to you, our friends and clients, many awesome things happened to UXPin in last 4 months. We’ve been covered by TechCrunch, funded by great product-focused people and visited San Francisco & Silicon Valley to meet with friends and learn from the best people in the industry.

We’re on the mission to provide tools that let designers work efficiently with non-designers. We believe that this is what creation of great product is all about: collaboration. Nothing and no-one can stop us.

New version of UXPin App provides unique feature that is about to fix process of reviewing wireframes and prototypes.

As seasoned in-house UX Designers we just hated e-mails with dozens of remarks. Valuable information were constantly getting lost in our inboxes! What a waste.

We decided that UXPin has to make it really easy for everyone: UX designers, developers, product managers, stakeholders and clients. Online access to wireframes and prototypes,
no need to log-in in if you want to do a review, no need to learn any complex system – that were our basic tenets.

And here’s the result:

Sign-up for a FREE 14 day trial and stay with us for good :).

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UXPin in San Francisco. Part #2: Adaptive Path CEO

Surprisingly sunny (good weather hardly happened during our stay in California) Monday morning. San Francisco was still rather sleepy after weekend, but we were rushing through downtown in super-excited moods. We were about to meet Brandon Schauer – one of the most important people in the User Experience world. Experienced designer and manager, CEO of Adaptive Path, named one of Business Week’s “Twenty-One People Who Will Change Business”.

Meeting was about to happen next to famous San Francisco’s piers. Outstanding area.

Purpose for the meeting? Getting feedback on our strategy, understanding design process of Adaptive Path, checking what problems UX consulting agencies may have and how we could solve them.

This is still hard to believe that Brandon agreed to meet us (thanks to introduction made by our great friend Jeff Parks!). We were just starting to realize how much networking means in USA and how people are open to help just because they believe this is right thing to do.

In Eastern Europe networking almost doesn’t exist. No wonder we were in constant jaw-dropped state.

And Brandon was just amazing.

He was really focused on our products and strategy. Every minute of this meeting was meaningful. We’ve quickly learnt that simple wireframing tools doesn’t matter much to Adaptive Path. They do wireframe, but they are not attached to any popular wireframing tool. Our „design process focused” approach and tools dedicated to UX Design process and communication between designers and non-designers, resonate much better with them, than our competitors simple wireframing solutions.

Brandon – thank you. The meeting was awesome and very, very helpful.

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In UX Design: Create more than you need.

Great designers create much more artifacts and drafts of ideas that they actually use. Don’t ever stop at the first version of whatever you do.

It came back to me with the great Bento Box no. 1 by LUXr. I’m trying out the box working on Customer Development for UXPin.

First step in the LUXr process of CustDev is, no wonder, creation of persona. Janice Fraser from LUXr (previously CEO of Adaptive Path) teaches wise way of creating a persona. According to Janice to make the persona work we need to describe four things:

  1. Who the person is (name, one sentence in speech bubble little drawing)
  2. Demographics
  3. Behaviors (What this persona does?)
  4. Needs & Goals

When we’re describing Demographics, Behaviors and Needs & Goals we suppose to write down 10 traits for each category and than… choose 5 most important. We’re not using half of the things that we wrote down! Suddenly priorities become obvious.

Love it!

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UXPin in San Francisco. Part #1: How the hell it happened?

Crap jobs are created by other people. Dream jobs you make yourself.” – picture above, originally from co-working space Rackspace is held by Jason Fraser, founder of LUXr (future of Lean UX).

I love it, but as every rule it has certain exceptions. We had great jobs (UX folks at important eCommerce company). Nonetheless we decided to leave them 3 weeks ago, packed our stuff and traveled to San Francisco to meet with our clients, friends and heroes.

We left our comfort zone, because we’re passionate about User Experience Design and we want to resolve problems caused by lack of dedicated UX Design tools.

We had great, intense, time. We’ve met with: Luke Wroblewski, Peter Merholz, Brandon Schauer, Indi Young, Mike Kuniavsky, Liz Goodman, Chris Baum, Jeffrey Kalmikoff, Michal Kopec, Dave McClure, Paul Singh, Richard Boardman, Hiten Shah, Kate Rutter, Jason Fraser… to mention few of our great mentors.

I thought I will have time to give you at least short glimpse of the meetings. I’m sorry, I didn’t. I will try now to make it up to you. Expect San Francisco stories to be told every couple of days.

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