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Monthly Archives: May 2012

UXLX: User Experience Lisbon 2012

Soon after launch of first UXPin notepads, Bruno Figueiredo, contacted us to discuss sponsorship of the UXLX 2011. We were extremely surprised. UXLX? The conference that we couldn’t afford to go the year before? Wow. We were just starting with UXPin and we didn’t know back than that we’ll not only sponsor UXLX 2011, but also UXLX 2012.

UXLX is a conference masterpiece. After bringing Don Norman, Lou Rosenfeld, Todd Zaki Warfel, Russ Unger, Dan Brown and other great UX minds to sunny Lisbon in 2011, it seemed that Bruno and his team can’t do better. We couldn’t be more mistaken. Bill Buxton, Mike Kuniavsky, Peter Morville, Ginny Redish, Indi Young, Jesse James Garrett, Joshua Porter, Dave Gray, Rachel Hinman, Arnie Lund, Cannyd Bowles, Derek Featherstone, Nate Bolt, Jeff Gothelf, Andrea Resmini… UX line-up from dreams visited Lisbon in 2012.

Bruno, I don’t know how you’re doing it, but damn it’s impressive. Being gold sponsor of UXLX is an honor for us. Thank you for this opportunity.

This year we came to Lisbon with clear goal: gathering as much feedback as we can. Might seem strange, but we weren’t focused on sells. You just can’t be focused on selling and listening to people at the same time. Screw selling than and let be all ears. That was our strategy.

It paid off. We were doing in-depth interviews on analog tools and new version of our app to this extent that I actually lost my voice on the day 3 of the conference. It didn’t stop us though. We’re full of knowledge now.

It doesn’t mean that we didn’t have some fun as well! You may have seen our pin buttons. They were desired good at the conference and lots of ux people were wearing them throughout the conference.

UXPin fans

We also created two contest. In first one people who wore our pin buttons suppose to take a picture with other attendees of the conference and post it to Twitter. Yuri was a clear winner :). Congrats!

Yuri - UXPin winner

In business card contest – Indi Young randomly draw cards of Tanja, Paulo, Paulo, Krzysztof, Andre, Fabian, Alissa, Cyrille, Rui, Ravi. Congrats guys!

Indi Young & UXPin

See you next time in Lisbon? Hell yes!

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UXPin in San Francisco. Part #4: Mike Kuniavsky & Liz Goodman

Mike Kuniavsky, Marcin Treder (UXPin) at UXLX UX Design Conference

Mike Kuniavsky and me (Marcin Treder, UXPin CEO) at UXLX.

User Experience is a lucky field and community. Our heroes are truly inspiring people. I had this impression for the first time when I’ve met Don Norman. I was impressed by his general wisdom that transcends knowledge and passion for great design. Every minute spent with Don was a great lesson.

I suppose being great designer requires to be deeply rooted in the world. It demands constant trying to understand human beings. This is source of wisdom and inspiration.

Mike Kuniavsky and his wife Liz Goodman are among most inspiring people you can meet. Luckily for UXPin crew we had chance to spend some time with them.

Mike was one of first people I wanted to meet while visiting California. We’ve all read his books, right? He’s well known from designs that transcend one medium and emphasizing role of emotions in design. I thought meeting with Mike will give us good energy and I was not mistaken.

„Emotional design is good design. That’s what I learned at the Milan Furniture Fair. It had plenty of bad design, but there are some beautiful, beautiful things there. The reason they are well designed is not because there’s a lot of splash. It’s because they’ve been thought through and they connect with us on an emotional level in addition to a functional level.” / Mike Kuniavsky

I’ve contacted Mike via e-mail. There was no introduction by our friends, just a simple e-mail about UXPin. He replied immediately with warm interest in stuff that we’ve created and possibility of meeting. He also introduced me to Liz who works on her PhD dissertation about UX Design practice. What a luck!

Couple of weeks later we’ve met in traditional American breakfast bar. They insisted that me, my partner Kamil and our investor Piotr need to try real American breakfast. Eggs and potatoes! Awesome hospitality and strange experience for our European stomachs.

We talked for almost two hours, spinning around topic of perfect UX tools. Both Liz and Make started to draw UI ideas and maps of processes on serviettes, trying to explain visually what they think. Amazing learning experience! We were hungry of their wisdom and we won’t hesitate of using it in the near future.

We’ve learnt a lot about Mike’s cross channel work and Liz’s ideas about needed visualization of design ideas. Oh we also learnt a lot about San Francisco they both explained us some of topography and soul of this great city.

We all agreed that there’s need for better UX tools and we are going to provide them.

Mike, Liz – thank you. You refreshed our minds and gave us lasting inspiration. Hopefully soon you’ll be proud of us.

ps. Picture above was taken in Lisbon two weeks ago. We’ve met again at UXLX.


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Awesome Guides, New Color Picker and Copying Between Projects

We just love to be busy! Sounds crazy, but damn we love our job and we love UXPin! We just came back from UXLX (we already hope to sponsor this event for the third time next year) and we’re launching three new features that you, our great customers and friends, ask us for.

Honestly it’s so great to be part of UX community and work for you all.

New Color Picker

Predefined color collections, HEX editor & swatches for saving your own palette – that’s main features of our new Color Picker. We believe that either you want to go with shades of gray or full blown colors – it’s up to you. Hi-fi/Lo-fi – it all depends on a project. We’re giving you perfect tool to do both

Awesome Guides

Keeping things aligned in our designs is sometimes vastly important for our clients and our own sense of aesthetics. Simple, but awesome, guides will help you keep your designs nice and clean.

Copying between projects

Small things may mean a lot in terms of user experience. Every UX Designer knows that. Copying elements between projects may seem to be tiny, but damn… how many times it made us angry? We shall not be angry anymore.

And guess what… more UXPin awesomness is on the way. Soon we’ll launch revolutionizing part of our tool. Hopefully, you’ll be amazed.

Till next time friends!

Marcin Treder, UXPin CEO

Ps. Hope you like videos;)

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Usable Text-Editing Revolution

You might have heard that our background is in user experience design and usability. We’ve spent years improving other companies products and damn… we love it.

We’re obsessed by perfect experience and perfect products.

No wonder that we started improvement of UXPin with classic usability study.

Oh we we’ve learnt a lot about our own mistakes. Now is the time to fix them!

The feature that most of you have problem with is text editing. Rushing to launch UXPin we’ve used ready-to-use text editor (CKEdit). Unfortunately it never worked well with our system. It crushed from time to time. Overall experience was strange, as text editing was all done in modal box not „in place”. We couldn’t stand it so we just designed and coded it right from the beginning.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to new awesome UXPin text-editing.

New text-editor:

  • lets you edit text in place
  • is convenient and reliable
  • takes a good use of shortcuts

The bad news is the style of text created with old editor will be reset while editing. Don’t worry though ctrl(cmd)+z will work and you’ll be warned just before editing. Apologizes for inconvenience. It’s all for the best.

What’s your judgment folks? Hope it will improve your UXPin experience.

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UXPin in San Francisco. Part #3: Chris Baum

Coffee Bar USA

After couple of very busy weeks, finally I have time to tell you next part of our San Francisco Story. I started to miss recalling UXPin’s awesome startup mission in USA and sharing it with you guys!

Let’s go back to March 20th.

Excited after meeting with Brandon Schauer (Adaptive Path) we were rushing through the city to another important meeting. Meeting with Chris Baum – Editor-in-Chief of Boxex and Arrows, respected consultant, experienced UX Designer and Information Architect. We just couldn’t wait to meet with Chris. He was about to reveal us his secret UX+IA process sauce and discuss how UXPin could accelerate help to UX Designers all over the world.

We were not disappointed.

Our meeting took place in Coffee Bar USA (1890 Bryant Street). Excellent location that you should definitely check out and have some fresh orange juice and mind-blowing sandwich. Be warned though: it looks like „mac only” place. I didn’t spot single PC there and about 20 people were working in front of their computers. We actually felt great about it ;).

After quick UXPin pitch something clicked between us. Chris understood what we’re trying to achieve and immediately soaked in into UXPin world. It was super lovely.

Chris deeply understand that UX Design is a process (not mere wireframing/prototyping activity). Kind of continuum in which we’re using different methods to reach perfect, engaging, user experience.

I was impressed when Chris started to sketch diagram of his design process. He truly cares about Information Architecture. Well thought structure lies at the core of his designs.

After one hour of constant conversation we had minds full of new ideas worth validating.

Chris – thank you!

After this meeting we’ve started to realize what Silicon Valley is all about: help and energy. We’ve received both in following two weeks.

Till next time friends!

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