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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Change Log UXPin 2.0.1

PDF and JPG Export in UXPin UX Design App

When it comes to having an actual conversation with customers – we’re all ears. Today’s update is fully inspired by thoughts and voices of our users expressed in UXPin Feedback & Community Center. Thank you all for helping us! Together we’ll create an amazing UX ecosystem!

UXPin 2.0.1

  • New Features
  • Export to PDF by Maciej Wojdyr (@mwojdyr) and Kamil Zieba (@ziebak)
  • Export to JPG by Maciej Wojdyr (@mwojdyr) and Kamil Zieba (@ziebak)
  • Updated Features
  • Fully editable text size by Jacek Złowocki (@jzlowocki)and Kamil Zieba (@ziebak)
  • Bug Fixes
  • Grouped elements z-index error fix by Jacek Złowocki (@jzlowocki)
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The Age of User Experience Design – Infographic

The growth of the User Experience Design field is breathtaking, but well deserved. Thanks to UX Designers all over the world, the quality of products has increased dramatically. Design really does matter now. It’s a user centric world in which there’s not only Apple on the scene anymore. Samsung gizmos look better than ever. Google has redesigned all of its products. Literally every successful startup looks and works beautifully and popular iOS apps are just gorgeous…

“This is the decade of User Experience Design” – we’ve heard this many times during meetings with inspirational people when together with my team, we’ve visited Silicon Valley to validate our long-term strategy. As you may imagine since we’re UX Designers, this particular declaration made us jump for joy.

This is the right time to take care for UX and we’re here to provide amazing tools.

We did some research on our community and its importance and here’s a wrap up embodied in an infographic (yes, we’re design nerds):

The Age of User Experience Design

If you want to download it in a high quality here’s a PDF (698kb)

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Something fun for UX busy bees

UX Design is not a piece of pie and we know it. Here’s something for you to relax and feed your inner child with joy.

Little thing called “a hint screen” provides…well take a look at the video:

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, right? Not with UXPin :).

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UXPin 2.0 – The Future of UX Design Tools

I’m happy and proud to announce that today we’ve launched new version of UXPin.

I have no doubts that UXPin 2.0 exceeds everything that we’ve designed so far.

Months of usability testing and analyzing designers workflow led us to the significant change in the interface that hopefully will help you work faster and more efficient than ever.

I’d like to thank all participants of our tests, our amazing clients and whole team (especially @ziebak, @mwojdyr, @_radmen).

Most important changes:

  • Huge, editable, workspace
  • Indepndent search
  • Smart elements

The main difference though is in the flow and beauty of the design. We’re trying as hard as we can to introduce Don Norman thinking: Complex doesn’t need to be complicated.

Our mission doesn’t end here. It’s still just a beginning. We’ll amaze you again soon. It’s a promise.

ps. We’d love to know what you all think about UXPin 2.0. Please feel at home at UXPin Community Center

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