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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Irene Au and Hiten Shah Join UXPin Advisory Board!

We’re dead serious about our plans of revolutionizing User Experience Design and to make it happen we need the best people to work with us.

This month two great, experienced, advisors joined our Advisory Board. Big applause and warm welcome for Irene and Hiten!

Irene Au - Advisor of UXPin

Irene Au – is a VP of Product and User Experience at Udacity – one of the hottest education startups in the world. Formerly she served as VP of UX in Google (6 years) and Yahoo (8 years). Irene is one of the most experienced User Experience Designers in the world. Irene will enrich our UX knowledge and advise UXPin on the product strategy.

Hiten Shah - UXPin Advisor

Hiten Shah – is well known in UX Design Community as founder of CrazyEgg and KISSMetrics – analytics tools that most of us can’t live without. Hiten is probably one of the most experienced entrepreneurs in SAAS world. He’s also an amazing coach, who inspired our fascination with Customer Development and Lean Startup. Apart from Hiten advises LinkedIn, Slideshare, Visually 500 startups, Buffer and couple of other great companies. Hiten will advise UXPin on both product and business strategy.

We feel very lucky that such great people believe in UXPin and our mission.

2013 will be the year of UXPin!

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Change Log UXPin 2.0.2

That was a busy season for UXPin team! New billing system (finally you can pay with your credit cards!), new UXPin.com and important upgrade of the app have totally filled in our schedule. In the meantime I’ve visited USA again to get feedback on our strategy and prepare company for further growth. Exciting perspectives ahead of us!

UXPin 2.0.2

  • Updated Features
  • In-place text editing by Jacek Złowocki (@jzlowocki)
  • New “upgrade account” box by Maciej Wojdyr (@mwojdyr) and Kamil Zieba (@ziebak)
  • Bug Fixes
  • Plenty of small, but annoying bugs has been fixed.

Marcin Treder, UXPin CEO

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500% growth in last 6 months! UX Design deserves dedicated tools.

UX Design Celebration - Fireworks

UXPin is a revolution. We want to popularize responsible* approach to UX Design and empower web&mobile product teams with extraordinary force of dedicated UX tools.

This is so exciting!

Happily, you share this excitement with us. In just 6 months UXPin grew 500%! Thank you!

UX Design App growth - UXPin

UX Design App accelerates growth thanks to Lean Startup

As you can see on the chart above our growth really accelerated around Summer. It was the time when we went through most important iterations of our product basing on your feedback.

If you have any doubts whether Lean Startup really works, here’s the proof. We wouldn’t grow if we wouldn’t decide to get out of the building and talk to you about your problems.

We’re proudly taking the responsibility of providing tools for User Experience Design revolution. Growing popularity and importance of UX demands dedicated tools that will make our job easier and more efficient.

Don’t have UXPin account, yet? Join us now!

Marcin Treder, UXPin CEO

*”UX lies at the crossroads of art and science” – creativity rooted in knowledge about human behavior and mind, leads to great results

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